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03 February 2015
The CAJ Ethics Committee of the Canadian Association of Journalists is a panel of scholars, teachers and practitioners of journalism who address questions about ethical practice raised by the
26 April 2017
Canada slips out of Top 20 in press freedom index.Read more
25 April 2017
When you can publish at the push of a button, what constitutes adequate time for fair response?Read more
21 April 2017
Some staff will have an unpaid day off every two weeks, or a 10 per cent pay cut, to save 21 jobs.
17 April 2017
TC Transcontinental announced on April 13 they would divest of their interests in Atlantic Canada.
07 April 2017
Why the Toronto Star isn’t fighting a production order issued against them.Read more
04 April 2017
Liveblog from Sheridan College featuring leaders in Canadian journalism.Read more
04 April 2017
Active shootings and social media verification.Read more
29 March 2017
Facebook groups have become “an assignment desk” for reporters looking for stories online.Read more


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