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26 May 2017
Bruce Livesey’s reporting has earned him a first ever NNA for a digital outlet, and two NMA noms.Read more
25 May 2017
Investigative journalist Javier Valdez, originally slated to open the conference, was gunned down last week in Mexico.
23 February 2017
Journalists struggle to get Canada’s prison agencies talking.Read more
18 January 2017
Discourse Media sets precedent for a new kind of emerging media organization.Read more
08 December 2016
Seasoned journalists will tell you there are right and wrong ways of approaching a grieving family.Read more
08 December 2016
When authorities snoop out our digital footprints, the best we can do is is mitigate risk, not eliminate it entirely
07 December 2016
“It’s all about applying the same level of critical thinking that you do about everything else, to Indigenous issues.”
18 October 2016
Sonntag was awarded the Michener-Deacon Fellowship for Journalism Education to do project on Canadian resource extraction companies with 26 student journalists and partners.
13 October 2016
Braga broke news about how Canadian police services use cellphone surveillance in investigations.Read more


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