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08 June 2017
Prominent journalist and FOI specialist Dean Beeby says changing laws is his self-assigned task is to get access fixed.
01 June 2017
Many journalists in Quebec use enterprise database OpenCorporates while doing their work.Read more
17 May 2017
Posts on social media show arrests actually taking place on May 16.Read more
15 May 2017
One researcher calls this a “tremendous step back for press freedom” that could put the public at risk.
09 May 2017
Threats to press freedom are actually threats to the public’s right to know, says the co-editor of a new book.
03 May 2017
Annual CJFE report card gives Canada F’s on shrinking newsrooms, protection of sources and whistleblowers.
26 April 2017
Canada slips out of Top 20 in press freedom index.Read more
18 April 2017
UBC student newspaper the Ubyssey fought for admission rubrics for four years before the documents were leaked to them.
30 March 2017
CJFE called the complaint an attempt to use CBC’s journalistic standards to silence critical reporting by Poitras.Read more


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