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09 November 2015
In this third part of an open-source learning video series created in partnership with Ryerson University and Sheridan College, Nicole Blanchett Neheli explores how to interpret data that tracks the
30 September 2015
Maps allow readers to compare the perception of how news is covered in their neighbourhood against the reality.
14 July 2015
Earlier this year, friends and colleagues Zach Gallinger and Arik Motksin launched 10and3, a site dedicated entirely to telling stories through data.
22 June 2015
Web scraping is useful for helping journalists handle large amounts of information, but ethical guidelines don't yet address how to use this data reporting tool.
19 June 2015
As public institutions publish more data online, web scraping has become a useful tool for reporters who want to sift through large amounts of information.
02 June 2015
In this era of information abundance, journalists should now be keeping spreadsheets, not just notes.Read more
28 May 2015
Think you need to be a math genius or coding savant to produce compelling data stories? Think again.Read more
19 February 2015
“Lies, Damn Lies and Viral Content” examines the newsroom practices that lead to spreading misinformation when reporting on unverified claims.
18 February 2015
Geographer and informatics consultant Hugh Stimson on the tools and approaches that make for great data stories.Read more


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